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Apr 5

Written by: Rafi
Monday, April 5, 2010 11:57 PM 


1) Does the bed come with a mattress?

All of our beds come with a mattress and hygienic mattress protector. Weekly housecleaning includes bedding as well (pillow, top & bottom sheet, comforter) for day and week long bookings. The weekly housecleaning service for month or semester long stays also includes the bedding. However, if you wish to waive the weekly housecleaning service you will need to provide your own bedding (pillow, top and bottom sheet and comforter).

2) Do rooms include drapes or window coverings? All of our rooms have drapes and or blinds already included.

3) I am planning to live at one of the rooms available at uPlace for Fall 2010 and Winter 2011. When is the earliest date that I can move in? Semester move in day is the Sunday of Labour Day Weekend. It is possible to arrive earlier. A per-day charge is applied based on your per diem rate of your booking. Arrange for early arrival when you are committed to those days. Early bookings are non-refundable if you show up later.

4) On what floor are the different rooms at? All of our room types are mixed throughout the building. Semester and month long guests are usually booked on our upper floors. Day and Week long stays are usually booked into our main floor so access to luggage in and out of the building is easier for the guest (and the building).

5) Are the washer and dryer coin-operated? The washer and 2 driers on each floor are coin operated. There is a laundry room on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors right next to the elevator.

6) How much is each load? It costs $1.50CAD for a load of wash. The driers are very flexible and usually take $1.00 to $2.00 per load to dry. We suggest budgeting $3.00 per load, on average, for both wash and dry. It is best to not overload the washers. Overloaded washers do not really clean the clothes and end up leaving the clothes so heavy with water that it takes much more drying time (and cost).


7) How can I get laundry change? The vending machines on the main floor dispense quarters when you press the "CHANGE" button.

8) Can I purchase food within uPlace without a Dining Account? The Dining Account is a minimum amount to be spent in any one semester (fall and winter semesters only). Once the minimum is spent a guest can add more money to their account (this amount is refundable or transferable to the next semester), or purchase meals with debit, credit or cash. We suggest using the Dining Account because of its cardless convenience.


9) Do the rooms come with built-in closets? Yes, the Private and Exclusive rooms have a closet that is between 1 meter and 1.5 meters wide. It has an upper shelf and a clothes hanging bar. The other types of rooms have equal or larger closets.


10) How big are the Private and Exclusive rooms? Like the Privates, the Exclusive rooms are approximately 10' x 11', that is 110 square feet. This area is the room alone. The space for the closet and bathroom is in addition to this space.


11) Are there maiboxes for residents? No, we place letters directly under your room door, and leave a voice mail for packages to be picked up at the Front Desk.


12) What is the deposit for the Meal Plan? $500 per semester, minimum. It does not carry over and must be spent in the current semester.

13) Do you have a floor plan of the Executive and CEO rooms? Not yet.


14) Can we choose which room/floor we would like when reserving? We book from the second floor up, but are open to requests and will do our best to meet them.


15) Is delivery of outside restaurant food(pizza,etc.) permitted? Yes, we have some local vendors in our suggestion list in the Welcome Book.


16) Do you require the residents to have some form of insurance? No, but our insurance only covers the building, not any person's possessions.


17) Are things such as light bulbs and bathroom tissue suppplied by uPlace? The energy efficient light bulbs are supplied but not any personal use items.


18) Is there a charge for overnight visitor parking? Yes, at $2 per night or $8 per week. 


19) How big is the family-sized refridgerator in the Executive room? The same as in a typical North American home; between 12 and 15 cubic feet. Our new ones will be between 8 and 10 cubic feet in order to be more practical and energy efficient. The regular room fridge is approx 4.2 cubic feet.


20) Do you have "Halal" food in your dining plan? Yes, we serve Halal food when requested. We have many muslim students and professors here. There are also local restaurants that serve Halal food, and several markets we can suggest to you for your own grocery purchases.


21) I dont need housekeeping so it possible to waive the fee? The housecleaning fee is charged for everyone. If you want to save the expense, you can waive the service on arrival. We will refund the fee upon inspecting the room at the end of each semester if the room is being kept clean.


22) Is the meal plan required? The meal plan is required. It is only a minimum of $500 compared to over $1700 per semester on campus. That allows much more freedom to cook on your own and save money. Full kitchens are available at no charge on each floor. It also allows us to be available for dinner 6 days per week (closed Saturdays) with healthy, fresh, quality meals at lower-than-restaurant (or take out) prices. Note that a recent study showed that students spend on average well over $800 per semester on take out food. We aim to provide better food at better prices this way.


23) Can my neighbour access my room through the shared bathroom for Private rooms? In the Private type of rooms, the other person sharing the bathroom DOES NOT have access to your room. Both bedrooms have direct access to the hallway. You can lock the bathroom door leading to your neighbour’s room. Similarly, you can lock your door so that no one can pass through the shared bathroom into your room. You will have compete privacy and security. We always match Private Rooms sharing a bathroom with a person of the same gender unless two people specifically ask to be paired.


24) What is the process of reserving a room?


The process for reserving a room is:


1) Choose the type of room you want, the start date and length of stay

2) Fill in the ‘room reservation request’ form with your contact information on our website

3) Call in a Visa or MasterCard number for your $500 deposit or send a cheque to: University Place, 3140 Peter Street, Windsor, ON, N9C 1H3

4) Let us know which payment plan you want to choose: a) whole semester on the 15th before the semester begins, b) break semester up into 4 equal payments or c) our OSAP 1-2-3 plan


The OSAP 1-2-3 plan is the following:

1) Upon booking, send a $500 deposit

2) Upon arrival, pay into your $500 dining account

3) Pay the remainder of your semester fees upon receipt of your OSAP


Confirmations will be emailed to you at every step of the way.

25) Can 2 people stay in the same room? Yes, two can live here. We have a "second person" option under the "room upgrades" section of the rate page.


26) Do I need to pay extra electricity charge for using a rice cooker or an electric kettle in my room? There is no extra electricity charge. However, a rice cooker or electric kettle is not considered safe in a bedroom and is not allowed by Fire Marshall’s order. This will be the case for all legal lodgings in the city or province. At University Place, you can use those kinds of items in our common kitchen on each floor, again, at no charge. In fact, we supply an electric kettle, toaster and microwave in each floor kitchen as well as a full stove/oven.


27) Is there a shower or bath in the en suite bathroom? The bathrooms have either a full bathtub-shower combination or a full shower stall, as well as toilet, sink and vanity-mirror cabinet.


28) How would I get around windsor and detroit from uPlace? Public Transport in windsor is provided primarily by “Transit Windsor”. They also run a “Tunnel Bus” between downtown Detroit and downtown Windsor. Transit Windsor has three bus stops from various routes within a half block walk to University Place.


Other alternatives depend on how you are arriving in the area. If by Detroit Metro Airport, for example, you would be best to use the “Aboutown” or “Robert Q” private vans and buses that travel through Windsor.


29) Is there a stove in the rooms? There is no stove in the room nor does the fire department allow for any hot element cooking. Microwaves are allowed and in several of our room types supplied. There is a cooking lounge on each floor. Each has a full stove and oven, toaster, microwave, kettle and kitchen sink. We suggest guests bring their own dish soap, dish clothe, dishes, cutlery, and cooking ware. The Health Department will not allow us to supply these. Often guests use a plastic basin to keep all of their things together and to store them in their own room. Each room has its own fridge to store groceries and left-overs.at $2 per night or $8 per week. 


30) Is there a closet or bureau in the rooms? Is there carpeting or a rug in the room? Yes, there is a clothes closet in each room as well as a 4 drawer dresser. The floors are tile not rug. You are welcome to bring in an area rug or to purchase one at the Front Desk.


31) Is there a place to store my bike at University Place? There is a bike rack just outside the front door and a bike shed for the winter in the rear of the building.


32) What is the earliest move in date for the fall semester? The usual move in date for the Fall Semester is the Sunday of the Labour Day weekend. This year(2011), it is September 4th.


33) How long is a semester rental? The semester runs 110 days from the Sunday before classes begin. That way, like the University calendar, your accommodation is looked after for your full academic time.


34) Is the $500 for dining included in the room rent or it is an additional cost? The Dining Account is in addition to the rent.


35) Are there any quaint eateries or restaurants nearby? The closest and most quaint, is the "Olde Sandwich Towne Bake Shoppe" which is only a short walk from University Place. It does great sandwiches and home made soups as well as a traditional breakfast on weekends (and their cookies are great, too). Also in the neighbourhood, 'Rock Bottom Cafe" is great for pub food and neighbourhood atmosphere. The historic "Dominion House" tavern has a good reputation for food, local music, and a pub place.

36) Why do the Private room have shared bathrooms? Our "Private" rooms are so named because we do not have any public bathrooms here. The 'Private' is a hybrid of privacy and over $4000 per school year in savings compared to sharing a room in campus and using public toilets and showers.

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